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Stallone India Guar Gum Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1979 and started its activity in the field of various grades of Guar Gum.

The Company manufactures high qulaity Guar Gum and operates a quality management system. The Company has a well-equipped production unit. It is manned by a team of technicians and skilled professionals who work round the clock in 3 shifts. To meet the varying and appropriate requirements of the consumers, several grades of Guar Gum are available with Stallone India. Grades of Guar Gum like - Stallone-200MESH - 4900 CPS, Stallone - 200MESH - 5400 CPS, Stallone-200MESH - 5500 CPS, Stallone-200MESH - 6000 CPS, Stallone-200MESH - 7000 CPS.

The Stallone (India) Industries is a master industry among the pioneers of Guar Gum industries. The industry has been taking prominent role as a manufacturer, supplier as well as exporter of high quality Gum extracts of Guar and its other derivative products. The experience and expertise of knowledge about the requirements in the market is the essence of the company that makes it the number one Guar Gum producer in the nation.


We are also one of the leading producers of marine and nautical instruments. We are the third generation running this burgeoning export business of various quality nautical instruments and reproduction of marine instrument.

We deal with exports of vide range of brass nautical and marine instruments from India. We are the leading manufacturer like brass nautical and marine reproduction instrument, brass band instrument, Indian classical musical instrument, perfume glass bottle, cosmetic glass bottle, Indian wooden furniture, wooden hub for all type of brush, Indian extra stiff boar [pig hair ] bristle, Chinese bristle, synthetic bristle, paintbrush, foam roller brush, zinc oxide powder, guar gum, cnc machine make componnt etc.

This has happened only due to transparency in our policies. We have huge reservoir of nautical and marine instruments such as compass,sailers wheel sextant, ship lamp .rain gauge, hygrometer, thermometer, microscope, telescope and many more.

We specialize in both marine and nautical instruments. We are revered as topmost nautical instruments producers. Worlds well-acclaimed marine and nautical instruments dealers are our regular customers.

We provide instruments, which are extremely high on quality and durability. They are highly customized also. Our instruments are not only top in durability but they also look elegant and sober to eyes.

We also provide very rare and antique marine instruments and have a facility to sell our products online. We also provide discount on certain instrument. Worlds top scientists and scientific institutes repose huge faith in our company.

Daily turnover of around million dollar itself shows our bustling growth in the field of scientific and technological instruments.

Quality Control and Assurance

The quality judgment policy of the company is at par to the international quality level. There is a regular mode of ensuring the quality of the products supplied by examining the physical property of the product and materials used. Samples of each batch produced are examined to ascertain the quality of the products for the customer’s satisfaction and reliability. Apart from the best quality material, the packaging design is also done at the excellent manner.

Since its establishment, the company has baged tremendous goodwill to its account. The product of the company ranked the first in the international market whereas the customer recognizes the company as a quality product supplier of Guar Gum. The company is committed to persuade excellent quality in service as well as the product. The swift and sure service of the company is the base of customer’s delight.

Stallone (India) industries is operating in a very wide spectrum of international markets. Stallone industries export its products to major international markets like USA, Australia, Europe, Middle East and the entire Asian countries. The company is still on the way to further expand its product markets.

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